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New tooltips + searching for new 2d artist

Yay, the weekend has begun, which means I can focus on game programming 8)

I wanted to change the way tooltip text is generated, which gave me an opportunity to add some improvements to the general look of a tooltip as well. I've seen a lot of other rpgs with neat headers and icons for shop value, so I decided to give it a try. The end result is pretty neat. Still placeholder stuff all over the place when it comes to the UI, so can't wait for our 3D artist to get a chance to hop back into UI art (after he finishes up making fantastic pirate ships).

In other news, we lost our 2D artist. I'm just glad she left due to life being too busy and not because she didn't have a fun time with us (was really nice to hear "this team is the most organized promising team i've ever found").

I've put up a new ad, and hopefully we'll reel in a talented artist soon. Response has been pretty low, so I'm wondering if there's something in particular that is turning them away. Main thing may be our time needs - 20 to 25 hours is probably particularly high for a part-time position, but I think it's what the game needs to succeed (besides my programmer partner and I individually dedicating that amount of time every week to push progress and keep folks interested). Like with our fantastic game designer we recruited awhile ago, perhaps patience is key :) In the mean time, there's plenty to do that doesn't require art.