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Checking Out Plastic SCM

A few weeks ago I realized that we now have over 1GB of content in our Git repository, which sprung me through a journey of learning about Git's limitations and wanting something that would scale better. I briefly tried to get a server set up with Perforce until I ran into an even better-sounding version control system: Plastic SCM. After a day of headaches while trying to set it up on Amazon EC2 (woohoo for 1 year free trial), I finally finished configuring the server and client to access it from my home PC. I didn't want to use the embedded database file, so it took some extra time configuring it to work with Sql Server Express (gah for permission issues).

So far I've gone through their quickstart documentation and section of why game developers should use it. I'm pretty excited about what I've read so far as using it wouldn't be too different from our currently workflow, and we'd  get a few extra nice features such as file locking, better branch visualization tools, diffs on images, and of course scaling to accomodate large repositories. There's also Unity3D integration, but we're not going to utilize it since it requires a pricey Unity team license and paid Plastic SCM license.

I'm gonna be playing around with it for a lil bit, and if all goes well, I'll see about us moving all our Git repo content to it. One thing I need to test is bandwidth performance - Bitbucket is pretty slow when it comes to that - but I'm not going to expect anything amazing considering I chose the low-performance server instance.

Even though this has taken a good chunk of my week's available game dev hours, I'm pleased I found a good version control system to switch to. Plus I learned how horrible linux is to deal with compared to windows server :P thank you, Microsoft.