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Wow, been awhile! Lots of stuff is happening at the moment. We're preparing for our first semi-public playtest in mid-April with the focus on our combat system. While half of the team tweaks graphics to make them look as good as possible for the test, us folks on the other half are pushing forwards with combat design and integration.

Today I worked on a fancy logger that is based on the one over here. Displaying categorized messages and stack traces with fancy colors and formatting is waaaay better/cooler than the default Unity log file with plain text. I also added the suggested screenshot feature. All in all, it wasn't too bad to fill in all the holes to get it up and running (C# code, hooking up into Unity's log events to grab exceptions, tweaking the javascript and css, etc.), and was pretty fun since I actually got to utilize some things I've learned from my day job + learned more of the available functions in the Unity API. Super cool stuff!