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New 2D Artist Recruited

Feeling pretty good right now as we recently got a new 2D artist on board, and his first pieces for us are pretty rockin' :D He'll be covering most of the 2D art in the game.

I was a bit worried during our recruitment efforts as it has been pretty difficult finding an artist that can achieve the art direction we were imagining, and is cool with our time needs. Despite the challenge, it still only ended up taking about 2 weeks, so I count ourselves lucky. Since that's now taken care of, my stress levels have gone down (I've been the main recruiter for our team), and I can shift my focus completely back to programming. woohoo! Onwards with developing the game :)

On a slightly related note, our 3D artist will soon be presenting some alternative views of the game - really looking forward to it. We realized 1st person view isn't the most flattering for what we're trying to achieve with space combat, so we're going to experient with some variations of 3rd person view.