Gem Master Video

Added gameplay video for Gem Master to the Games section.


Asteroid Miner Videos

Added gameplay videos of our unfinished project (will finish it one day!), Asteroid Miner, to the Games section:


Antares Universe

We were previously using Playmaker for visual scripting, but as programmers, we quickly realized its limitations, especially with passing around variables.

For our new project, we have started using Antares Universe, which provides a lot more power at the cost being a higher learning curve.

Here's an example showing the start of the simple combat system (click for larger image). There are probably things I could do to improve the graph in terms of efficiency and organization, but it does the job.


Back In The Game

Had been working on a really cool cyberpunk roguelike for a lil while with a writer/designer and artist we found on the Internet, but sadly they left due to the busyness of real life. Then we got addicted to a certain video game for a couple months.

We're now recently getting back into the game development. We've thought about focusing on one game or game mechanic per 1-2 weeks. The outcome was a Gladiator fighting game. Had some interesting ideas, and we accomplished a decent number of things during that time despite running into some issues with assets we were using from the Unity store.

For the next challenge, we'll be working on a mobile game. Liking the ideas we came up with, so it should be fun. Probably 2D and with inspirations from games such as Weird Worlds.


Unity = Wow

Another long story short, we jumped to Unity for many reasons, and I'm glad we did. Mainly we skipped straight to focusing on gameplay development. Here is what we're currently working on -- hoping to get it done by end of year.