OpenGL, Mono, and OpenTK

Long story short, we decided to make the leap to OpenGL and are working on getting things back up and running. Not only can we now target multiple platforms, but also that horrible dual screen issue is gone!

While we're going through this, we're doing an overhaul on how we manage resources and configs. For config files, found this fantastic, flexible library -- Nini.

Other things --

  • Did more research on AI systems (my favorite topic besides Particle systems) to figure out what will be used in our latest project. Ran into various articles and books, and I especially liked 1) Programming Game AI by Example (the source code was really fun to watch in action) and 2) The article in Gamedev Magazine [Aug/2012] that compares the various AI systems to mexican food (i.e. State Machine Taco!).
  • Set up Ubuntu via VMWare as a testing environment. Good tutorial here.


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