Abilities System Enhancements
Tuesday, February 11, 2014 at 12:54AM

This most recent weekend I added some enhancements to the existing abilities system, in addition to starting work on the newest weapon type and fixing a few bugs from the last build.

Awhile back I had mentioned how abilities can have different travel types, similar to casting spells in fantasy rpgs. For example, you might throw a fireball with one spell and see it travel to the enemy, while with another spell you might just see a visual effect surround you then see a similar visual effect on the enemy (e.g. life steal). Another example is an area-type spell with the effect being stationary (e.g. rain falling from the sky).

With the basics are now convered, I will just have to add enhancements as needed depending on what our game designer creates in terms of abilities. Most likely there will be one for a "bot spawn", and I want to do some simple logic that sends some form of bot swarm (either as 3D particle effects or as a group of 3D models) that travels to the enemy then encircles it for a few seconds before applying any effects.

All of this kinda contributes to high production value and thus isn't high priority, so I'm going to hold off on it for a bit longer -- speaking of which, our game designer has given me a set of tasks he'd like done by April 13th for another round of playtesting combat, so I'll be focusing on that. I think I'll have all the tasks done long before that date, so I'll probably spend the extra time polishing a few things up (like hopefully the awesome bot spawn).

Josh showed me some impressive code snippets we can use for our loot table system, which will handle things like generating missions and giving out rewards. 

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