Evolution Of Combat

It's been interesting going through these first couple iterations of combat. There's a lot more to come, but here's what I came up with so far (excuse all the placeholder art):

1. The very first version of combat was targeted for Android. I knew the interface had to be relatively simple so it could fit on the screen.

I had 3 main components in mind:

  1. Info about the player ship and the enemy ship.
  2. Info about combat (actions being taken, damage dealt, etc.)
  3. Actions the player can do.

Here's what I came up with for the quick prototype.

2. The second version was during our decision to switch to the PC platform. With the bigger screen space, I really wanted the player to feel immersed in combat and from a position inside the ship, similar to episodes of Star Trek. So I came up with this - viewscreen, info about the targeted ship, the actions you can do, and some stats about your own ship. I had just converted the GUI for the Android version, so it was still fairly simple.

3. As development continued, I realized the 2nd interface wouldn't suffice for all the new features we were designing. In addition, the mix of 2D and 3D GUI elements were becoming difficult to work with, mainly when working with Z-ordering of all the panels and elements within them. I decided to make everything 2D and to have elements on the corners of the screen. This is definitely not the final version, but it does give me a lot of screen space to add and test new features.

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