So far we've finished 2 prototypes and had 2 team meetings.

The first prototype was with the intention of releasing the game on Android, but we've decided to release on PC instead (mainly because we realized there was a $3000 fee to release on Android with the features we want - there's the free version, but it has limitations). That means we're increasing the scope but not so much that we aren't capable of doing it. Plus we have some ideas to make the game more fun.

The second prototype basically involved us moving the code over and implementing it for the PC platform. I re-did the combat concept and came up with the GUI appearing as if you're in the spaceship. I really like the idea of the player facing the enemy in 1st person view like some old-school RPGs. When the enemy lands hits on you, the whole screen will shake.

I've been thinking of ways to make combat more interesting. While the basics are there, it needs more work. I had a great design brainstorm session with a friend, Will, a couple of days ago; it really propelled me into some great directions for the combat system. He also had a cool idea for one of our longer stories. I'm now ready to do a solid first pass on the mechanics as part of our game design document. Not sure if I'll finish it tonight, but it's getting there.

Josh has been spending time working on the story system and laying the foundation for the look and feel of the game; it's looking pretty impressive so far. We've going for a comic book look to go with the humorous stories and frequent combat.

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