12/27 Update

 Various things have been added since my last blog update:

  • Modules and modifying them via xml
  • Bomb-based effect deployment
  • Two phases of inventory versions, one using dropdown lists to equip items, and the latest version using drag-and-drop
  • Repair droid
  • Fancyness experimentations (interpolation for bars on the GUI -- sooo smooth!)

Currently I'm taking what I learned from inventory creation to create something similar for shops.

As for my partner, he's been busy with integration and refactoring the combat system so it'll fit into the navigation scene he's been working on. Basically the end result will be for combat to be triggered as needed (e.g. as a result of a player decision). It's been very enlightening to have another developer analyze my code and say what can be improved about it -- how else can a programmer get better? :)

Also, we're trying something new to better track our progress and to-do tasks. It's pretty cool so far.

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