Quick Update & Lots of Learning

Implemented the new and improved Effects system last week, in addition to starting work on modules/abilities. In our game, modules are similiar to regular equipment except that they have passive effects and abilities associated with them. I got a few abilities to work for testing purposes, but the system needs to be more robust to support different ways of representing abilities and the way it delivers effects. For example, the ability might activate a bomb that will apply an effect to all enemies on the screen. Or it might launch a few drones to attack them. I already had an idea of how I was going to implement them last week, but that has been moved to this week.

I've also been doing a burst of Unity tutorials to help me prepare to improve the visuals of the game, such as with effect systems. Unity Technologies has been releasing some really great tutorials on their site every week, and just recently they put up a video on particle systems. One thing that has been lacking lately is a good reference on all the customizable properties of particle systems, so I'm really happy they covered them in the video.

Lastly...holy cow, Unity 4.3 came out yesterday!! I'm especially happy about it finally having the latest version of MonoDevelop (love/hate relationship with it), but the 2D additions have been really awesome as well. I watched a pretty good tutorial on some of the new features last night.

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