You know what I love about floats? 9.0 - 5.0 can sometimes = 4.00001! Gahh!

I spent most of my game dev time today reworking the code to gracefully handle float values. While I could have just converted everything to integer values, I wanted to maintain support for floats due to things such as critical hits (base damage x critical damage of 150%), which may result in a fractional value. After speaking to our game designer about this, I implemented a simple solution of rounding up at .5, else rounding down. The player will only ever see integer values despite some rounding happening in the background.

Tomorrow I plan on re-implementing system state logic based on the game design changes. For example, when a ship system is disabed, weapons will no longer be usable. If there's time, I can finally start on a long-waited feature: xml support! Once that's in, our game designer can dive in with modifying enemies and equipment stats, and see how much potential the combat has in terms of fun.

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