10/26 Progress + Pokemon

Been really busy this week, mainly with doing a lot of modifications to the combat system architecture due to our game designer's awesome design changes. I've started using Visual Paradigm's free uml tool to organize the relationships between sub-systems (e.g. if the weapons system goes down, the individual weapons can no longer be used in combat). I'm glad I'm going this route instead of jumping straight into the code as even the diagram needed design changes after discussing it with Schrag (we had some pretty long debates on how weapons should function).

Other than programming, I've been having fun playing Pokemon. I didn't think I could get into it again after playing most of the previous versions, but they've made some great improvements to the game such as

  • pokemon level up faster
  • easy to improve your pokemon (e.g. super training)
  • get equipment to move faster earlier in the game (rollerblades, bike)
  • much larger variety of pokemon to capture
  • access GTS from anywhere

The only thing I really don't like so far is that Fennekin evolves into a lady with a dress on :-/ not sure what the appeal of that is supposed to be. I immediately switched to a Charmander as soon as I had the opportunity - no regrets! I now have an awesome Charizard.

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